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Prostaden properties

Complete action for prostate care. Relieves daily comfort by reducing frequent nighttime urination (micturition) due to benign prostatic hyperplasia (HPB).

Revert the sexual dynamics
Reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

To relieve the symptoms caused by PROSTATA, special care is needed.
It has been found that prostate adenoma is based on a hormonal disorder, but other elements such as zinc are also involved.

An improvement in prostate volume was observed during zinc supplementation. This requires the use of a much more complex product, as well as composition and action.

Saw palmetto extract, along with pumpkin oil, have the ability to inhibit the mechanisms responsible for multiplying prostate cells from hormone causes. However, it is proven that they do not interfere with the hormonal balance of the body

On the other hand, folic acid and lycopene are involved in protecting the prostate, by the action of free radicals that can trigger prostate cancer.

Thanks to the well-documented combination of all elements in the Prostaden formula, it presents itself as a product that provides complete prostate care.

Serenoa repens extract with at least 25% 350 mg fatty acids.
4: 1 extract of Dovleac 100 mg seeds.
Extract of Tomato Fruit with at least 5% Licopen 100 mg.
4: 1 Extract of 60 mg Nettle Roots.
Zinc Gluconate (with 13.56% Zinc) 36.88 mg.

Administration method:
1 capsule / day

Do not administer to children under 3 years of age
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Keep it in a dark place and away from light.
Keep out of reach of children
Do not use the product after the expiration date
This pod is a dietary supplement
It does not replace an adequate diet.

30 capsules

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