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  • ManErect XXL
ManErect XXL

- is a unique combination of plant extracts, amino acids, enzymes and minerals to increase vitality and energy;
- L-arginine (α-cetoglutarate) interfering with the production of nitric oxide (NO);
L-citrulline is an amino acid converted to arginine in the body, potentiating the effect of arginine;

Zinc contributes to maintaining normal fertility and reproduction, cell division, maintaining normal blood testosterone concentrations, normal DNA synthesis, and protecting cells against oxidative stress;
- Korean giseng helps maintain good sex and promote vitality, maintains energy and vitality, counteracts fatigue;
- Siberian ginseng supports blood circulation, helps to adapt the body to specific environmental conditions, provides mental and physical energy;
- guarana removes stress and feeling tired;
- coenzyme Q10 and NADH (coenzyme E1) act on the mitochondrial level, being essential in the production of cellular energy;
- MSM is an organic form of sulfur required for normal cellular biosynthesis.
- helps maintain good sexual relations, maintains normal testosterone concentrations in the blood, increases vitality and energy, supports blood circulation.

Active Ingredients per tablet:
L-arginine, L-citrulline, Tribulus terrestris extract, standardized to 40% saponins, Ginseng-Korean root extract (Panax ginseng), standardized to 80% ginsenozide from the Siberian Ginseng root Eleutherococcus senticosus) 10: 1 Fo - Ti root extract (Polygonum multiflorum), Guanana seed extract (Maltodextrin, zinc (providing 5 mg Zn), Coenzyme Q10, NADH, Piper nigrum fruit hydrotheranol extract, standardized to 95% piperine.
It does not contain preservatives, dyes, artificial flavors, sugar, lactose, gluten, flavorings or artificial sweeteners.

Administration method:
Take 1-2 capsules a day, in a single dose, with a glass of water or fruit juice two hours before sexual intercourse. For maintenance, one capsule can be used per day.

20 capsules

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ManErect XXL

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